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ENEMA 101 or the Art to Drinking Coffee up your butt.

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

While there are a lot of supporters of coffee enemas in the alternative medicine world, there is certainly limited research about the benefits. Even though there is no formal research on the efficacy of it, they have been used in ancient medicine and even show up in some spiritual texts.

Enemas have been used in Ayurvedic medicine as well as Traditional Chinese Medicine for a millennium. I consider them as the first BioHackers!

There are many many types of enemas and a coffee enema is just one and helpful in detoxification, cleansing, and liver/bile stimulation. For example, Basti, a medicated enema, is used in Ayurveda to balance vata (air element). The colon helps regulate vata. Many different enemas and all of which can be helpful in the right time/place.

99% of my recommendations and practices with clients (and myself) are evidence-based. Coffee enemas among other so-called alternative techniques need more research!

Personally, I'm not going to wait 20 years for a randomized controlled trial on coffee enemas when thousands have seen success including myself.

I remember when my husband and I first introduced to it in Brazil around 2001 and how it was quite a scavenger hunt to get the right equipment. Now we can Amazon Prime our way into the art of drinking coffee from our butts…

🚫IMPORTANT: Coffee enemas aren't for everyone. You should always work with a practitioner to learn how to do coffee enemas properly and ensure that they are a good match for your plan of care.


I don't recommend it to everyone, but find it helpful for those dealing with:

  • Copper toxicity

  • Aid on detox from pathogen die offs

  • Constipation

  • Poor Digestion

  • Heavy Metal Detox

  • Painful Periods

  • Pain Associated with Endometriosis

  • Help those on Mold Protocol


  • Stimulate Bile Flow

  • Boost Glutathione

  • Relieves liver related Headaches

  • Reduces liver toxic load

  • Helps body with heavy metal detox

  • Aids in Constipation

  • Flushes out Fecal Matter


  • Coffee enters colon, hemorrhoidal veins absorb caffeine;

  • Hemorrhoidal veins carry the stimulating compounds to portal vein towards liver;

  • Caffeine, theobromine, theophylline stimulate dilation of vessels;

  • Palmitic acid boost production of glutathione s-transferase;

  • Reduced glutathione conjugates toxins, preventing damage to cellular proteins;

  • Bile dumped into small intestine via enteropathic circulation;

  • Enema Stimulates enteric nervous system; promotes peristalsis, improves vagal tone

  • Evacuation of the enema and bound waste.

In other words: As you hold an enema, your blood circulates about 5 times through the liver and the held enema acts like a dialysis across the intestinal wall. Coffee enemas aren't just about clearing out the fecal matter, but it stimulates peristalsis, creating lots of movement and energy in this part of your body. Enemas can help vagal nerve tone and parasympathetic activity and they assist your gut-brain axis on top of it.

Are you Ready? This is what you will need.

(check the video below if feeling unsure on how to do it!)


Organic light roast coffee beans – Recommended: Kion, Bulletproof, Kicking Horse since they were tested for mold.

Stainless steel enema kit - They last forever and won't leach chemicals.

Stainless steel mesh strainer or glass French press. (do not use paper filters since fibers may transfer into the coffee)

2-3 cups filtered or spring water. (do not use tap water since Chlorinated water may destroy beneficial flora in your colon).

Use Coconut oil or non-toxic lube like Sustain on the nozzle.

Use a binder before or after you complete the enema. This will help bind to toxins. Chlorophyll, activated charcoal, and fruit pectin are great options. Please keep in mind that charcoal also binds to nutrients so take on an empty stomach.


A second towel or yoga block to raise your hips (optional)


Freshly grind 1 to 3 tbsp of coffee (start low if new to enemas)

I prefer a French press to avoid unnecessary toxins like paper fiber into my butt…

Add coffee to stainless steel enema bucket.

Add in purified cold water or ice cubes until liquid is warm (body temperature is ideal. Too cold or too hot will cause the body to expel it too quickly)

Remove any air from the tube by holding up the enema bucket, opening the clamp and allowing the liquid to drain out the tube. Then close the clamp.


It is beneficial to do "dry skin brushing" immediately before each enema, making up to four passes over each body surface. If you are not accustomed to skin brushing regularly, only make one pass over the body. This stimulates the adrenal glands, so the lymph mucoid will pass into the colon. As soon as an enema is done the channels for the flow open up, allowing some lymphatic detoxification to take place as well. But you will do just fine if you want to skip this step.

Lie on a towel on your bathroom floor or in your bathtub

Make sure the enema bucket is at least 30 cm (1 foot) above you

Elevate your hips with another towel or designated butt coffee yoga block

Use coconut oil to lubricate the tip of the enema tube

Insert into rectum about 2 inches

Open the tube clamp and allow liquid to empty into colon

If it’s your first time, add in just enough liquid to stimulate a bowel movement

Your first enema will be fast since you probably got poop in the pipeline…

Evacuate on the toilet

Repeat. This time allow 0.5 - 1 liter of coffee empty into the colon (or as much as you can handle)

Close the clamp

Try to hold for 10-15 minutes total (this can take time to work up to)

If you evacuate before this time, repeat. Try to spend 10-15 minutes in total with coffee in your colon, which might mean 3 sets of 5 minutes in the beginning.


  • Relax (I wish you could see my smirk right now, but seriously you can’t be a tight-ass here… )

  • Do not rush. Make sure to allow plenty of time for trial and error and some unexpected hip cups. Each Enema is different!

  • Make sure to hydrate well before and after with some electrolytes or just good filtered water with a bit of lemon and a pinch of sea salt.

  • After years of doing this I find that the best way to pass time while holding coffee in is to listen to music or to a podcast or watch something on your phone that does not require a lot of concentration.

  • The entire procedure should take 30-40 minutes.

Don’t’ get discouraged if you can’t hold it for too long in the beginning.


  • Clean your enema kit with natural soap and water,

  • Run hydrogen peroxide through the tube and clean the tip,


In the beginning, it is normal to not be able to hold for 15 minutes. Be happy with whatever you are able to accomplish! If you are very constipated, you may need to empty the bowels with a few runs of enemas in order to be able to hold longer.

If you feel wired or hyper or experience a rapid pulse or irregular heartbeats after a coffee enema, you should reduce the amount of coffee by half and increase it after doing about 6 enemas. Be sure that your water is a good clean chemical-free spring, well, or filtered water. Your gallbladder may empty after doing a coffee enema, so you may hear or feel a squirting out and emptying of the gallbladder. This will happen just under the right rib cage, or sometimes more closely to the midline. If after doing 6-7 enemas you haven't felt or heard the gall bladder release, consider gradually making the coffee stronger, but do not exceed 8 tablespoon per quart.

You could also increase the volume of coffee used, such as 1 1/2 quarts (6 cups), using 3 cups each for two fillings in one session. Sometimes, 3 enemas (2 cups or less each), rather than 2 enemas in one session are more beneficial for some people.

Make sure to hydrate afterwards with good quality mineral water, coconut water or add a pinch of Celtic sea salt and Lemon to your water and drink throughout the day.


(Nerd talk, skip this if you think it is too much science)

The large colon is the last part of the intestines, before reaching the rectum. The large colon is in a "S" shape. By the time stool gets to this part of the colon, most nutrients have already been absorbed back into the bloodstream. The large colon has important functions, including:

· It balances the body's water and electrolytes.

· It manufactures some B vitamins and vitamin K.

The effects of a coffee enema are different from a saline (salt) enema. The most important difference between a saline enema and a coffee enema is the presence of caffeine in the coffee. Caffeine, theophylline and theobromine combine to stimulate the relaxation of smooth muscles causing dilation (opening up) of blood vessels and bile ducts.

The effects of having a coffee enema are not the same as drinking coffee. The veins of the anus are very close to the surface of the tissue. The caffeine is therefore absorbed more quickly (and in higher concentration) than when coffee is drunk.

Additionally, coffee has a chemical makeup that is simulative. The enzymes in coffee, known as palmitates, help the liver carry away the toxins in bile acid. The coffee is absorbed into the hemorrhoidal vein (in the anus), and then it is taken up to the liver by the portal vein. With the bile ducts dilated, bile carries toxins away to the gastro-intestinal tract. Simultaneously, peristaltic activity (movement of the bowel) is encouraged because of the flooding of the lower colon. Thus, when the colon is evacuated, toxins and bile are carried out of the body.

The caffeine from the coffee is absorbed into this circulatory system and goes directly to the liver where it acts as a very strong detoxifier. It decongests the liver and causes it to dump its toxins. It causes the liver to produce more bile (which contains processed toxins) and stimulates the gall bladder to dump its contents which flows directly into the small intestine for elimination. This frees up the liver, enabling it to process toxins more efficiently, particularly candida toxins and those caused by killing off candida. The coffee only goes to the liver and does not circulate throughout the body so it does not act like drinking caffeine would.

Caffeine also stimulates an enzyme used by the liver to make its detoxification pathways run. This enzyme is used to form glutathione (an amino acid), which is one of the main components that enable toxins to be eliminated via the bile into the small intestine. Therefore, a coffee enema speeds up detoxification and minimizes the backlog of detoxified substances.


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