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Bruna Bernini - Mission Viejo, CA


Working with you Isabela has been very inspirational, her approach and genuine interest of understanding my particular aspects gave the perfect understanding of my body, mindset and habits. This was the key to start the change for a better health journey.

Trying the holistic approach was the best decision I made, as you see that everything is related and it is a combination of facts, you treat every aspect as a correlated issue


I am very thankful to have her in my life as my health coach. it has been until now 5 months of relationship and you changed a lot of my habits for a better health. I lost 15 pounds, I am eating must better, I have more energy, I am back exercising at least 3 times a week, I sleep better, I meditate more and love myself more.... what more can you ask for?


Victoria O. - Salem, OR


For over half a year, Isabela and I had to work really hard on getting my gut health back (it's an ongoing process after years of leaky gut and constant stress as a highly hyper vigilant adult). We will continue to have work to do over the months and years to come. However, as soon as the gas subsided, when we mostly healed my leaky gut, I started noticing I gained some weight. I realized, for the first time in probably 10 years, my body was actually absorbing nutrients from the food I was eating (and I was eating A LOT). My naturopath from Orange County had been very concerned about my weight - every time he weighed me and I was below 100, he would remind me I needed to put on a little weight. I was already eating my weight in food every day. 


Isabela helped me realize a lot about myself.  


Now 30, and after having worked with Isabela, my breasts look like I just had a boob job! Far from deflated, they are perky again, the are full, they are sexy! Wow - who knew this would breasts are growing; they are right sizing again. 


While it's different and new to be in this more womanly body, I'm embracing the changes  and I have my health back! I am healthy, from the inside out.


Oh - and my skin - the pimples, are largely gone!


Betsy Duerken - San Clemente, CA

Isabela is much more detailed and specific than other yoga teachers I have tried. 


If you have a "nagging’" pain that you cannot solve on your own, I would really encourage you to try Isabella. 


She has helped me with several chronic aches. Also, if you are recovering from injury, she is excellent. And if you are an athlete, trying up unlock more from your body, Isabela’s yoga will give your a competitive advantage


She is a higher level teacher than most. It makes a difference! She has really helped me with my core strength, flexibility and posture. Her exercises make my body feel like it’s working properly together, unified, energized! She not only does a nice job 

nice job of teaching yoga very well, but also helping the student to feel welcome and at ease. Her studio is very calming.


Fariba Mortazavi  Laguna Beach, CA


I feel blessed to have you in my life as a guide, a coach, a mentor, and a wholesome human being whom I can always count on for guidance. I learn a lot from you just seeing how you live your life, raise your family and take care of yourself. You are an inspiration.

 I noticed that I want to grow up to be like Isabella. I have been inspired to not only exercise more and with more passion and determination but also to eat healthy rather than the yo yo diets most people follow and above all I noticed how I want to truly be a better person. In my deeds, my words and my thoughts.


I have found it to be more WHOLE in the sense that even at such a young age, I find Isabela to be an Old Soul and very spiritual. So I have been inspired to not only take care of my body but also my soul. So THANK YOU.


I recommend you working with her and I would say you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain. It is life changing and I am looking forward to taking some other workshops and Classes from her that I can learn even more. It is a life style change in the right direction.


Raline  San Clemente, CA


Isabela Fortes is an amazing human with a great desire to share her knowledge, she is passionate about health and life.



I’ve had the opportunity to be instructed by Isabela on her yoga workshops and yoga classes, my experience has been wonderful and my form greatly improved, I can say, without any hesitation, that Isabella is the most knowledgeable yoga teacher I have had. She is impressive.


Richard Dana Point, CA


Isabela is knowledgeable, compassionate and experienced. She taught me to  become accepting of my capacity. I have learned to understand that today’s journey is always different from other days.


Angela C. San Clemente, CA


Isabela, has the experience and skill that is needed to make positive change in your body. She is an excellent reader of the body. She knows how to bring balance


When I started studying with Isabela and practicing Iyengar, my hands were going to sleep each night and I had pain in my wrists in any load bearing postures. 

Presently, with practice, my hands no longer go to sleep with maintenance postures. I can now practice load bearing postures on my hands and wrists with therapeutic discomfort. They continue to improve. I'm in my late 50's. I can feel my body age, however the journey is comfortable. I'll practice the rest of my life.


I like how I learn to be absolutely present in her classes. My mind calms as I come into the studio. I simply need to be present.


I feel as if I learn with Isabela and practicing Iyengar yoga. So many fitness classes are taught by inexperienced teachers and trainers that do not know how to work with the challenges and injuries that various bodies have. As a person who worked with physical injury for over 20 years, I would frequently become frustrated with these types of teachers.



Liz Reid  San Clemente, CA


When I found Isabela's class I found what I had been searching for. The training that Isabela has is so far beyond what a regular yoga teacher has that there is no comparison. I consider her a special gift to all of us who are fortunate enough to have had access to her classes.


Isabela teaches the yoga that truly aligns your body, while strengthening and stretching. As opposed to yoga type calisthenics.You are in good, safe hands in Isabela's class. You should try it.

I attended yoga classes for 15 years before I found Isabela. I was always unhappy with how the classes did not go into the details of the poses and I was certain that I was not getting the benefits I wanted from yoga.

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