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Thyroid Medication is a DIVA

One of my favorite teachers always says thyroid medication is a DIVA. It wants to be the only one on your gut! (her stardom lasts about an hour....)

If you want your meds to be absorbed properly it is very important to remember this!

Your bottle will probably tell you to take it 30 to 60 minutes away from other medications and food.

Why is that?

thyroid meds is absorbed in the small intestines

so... the meds need to travel from your mouth, through your stomach, get to the small intestines where it will sit and be absorbed.

Depending on the person it will take at least 30 minutes to 60 minutes for this process to happen.

Some foods and meds interfere big time with absorption and should be watched even closer.

What about coffee (i know, don't kill the messenger...) increases motility so speeds up the movement of the intestines and does not allow the meds to be properly absorbed. Gotta wait at least an hour... sorry.... minimum of 30 minutes and ideally 1 hour apart from meds. (before or after...)

Big offenders are: (meaning you should wait several hours before or after taking your meds...)

  • antacids: they mess up the PH in the stomach and lessen the absorption

  • calcium,

  • magnesium, i

  • ron,

  • dairy,

  • soy

Point to drive home: chuggin your latte, with your multi + thyroid meds first thing in the am might not be the best thing. Pay attention when you make changes, you might need a dose adjustment!


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