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nice to 

meet    you!

I am a Functional Health Expert (FDN-P, AADP), a High Energy Iyengar Yoga and Meditation Teacher (CIYT, CYT) and an Environmental advocate.  I help health minded people understand that their complaints are not crazy even though they might have been told that there is nothing wrong with them! 


I will help you have access to the right labs and interpretation that make sense so you can figure out what is going on with you and help you fix it.


I am a woman looking for answers. 

 I was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and very early in life I decided to travel the world in search of enlightenment.  After peregrinating from the heights of the Himalayans to the heart of the Amazon Forest, living in an Ashram in India and among the natives of the forest I discovered that soul searching does not go very far without physical health. 

After quite a few (more like A LOT) health setbacks for both myself and my kids and not finding the answers I was looking for within the medical establishment, I decided to be my own advocate and began studying how the body works.

Now that I found my peace and my health it is my duty to help others on their journey.

I am a mother, a teacher, a coach and a serious environmentalist. My connection to the spiritual world kept me sane throughout my struggles. I truly believe it is within one’s duty to make the world a better place, even if it means helping one person at a time!


I currently coach clients on their pursuit of health and wellness and teach yoga in Southern California where I live with my family.

how can I help you?

I will help you get your energy back so that you can feel more like yourself again.  My goal is to help you reclaim your health and get laughter and excitement back into your life. And why not make you feel good and look great while at it?

I help tired and hormonal (and a few normal) people feel less crazy and more in control of their health.

I want you to understand that even though those symptoms might be common, they should not be considered normal!  Growing up (or becoming old) should not suck and we should not settle for anything less than awesome.

how do I do it?

I use functional lab tests and my highly analytical brain to find out what is going on in your body and uncover healing opportunities.

I search for root causes of dysfunction and imbalances within the hormonal, immunological, digestion, detoxification and energy production systems and create an all-natural protocol based on those findings.  

I guess you can call me a health detective! I am a holistic health expert.

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition practitioner.

Rest assured that you are not the only one feeling like that. It can be confusing and lonely to figure this out by yourself.  Is it your hormones? Is it your gut? Is it your mind? No, you are not going crazy in spite of feeling like that!


I use functional labs and your history to figure out what is preventing you from feeling your best and coach you on getting your health back.

you are not alone!


"I dedicated my life to finding answers medical professionals could not give me.  My journey to health was filled with detours, but I can say that now a mid-aged woman I feel more in control of my body than I did my entire life. I can tell you that I have first handed tried pretty much to feel better.  All the diets and trends only to figure out that there is no such a thing as a perfect diet other than figure out what works for your YOU. 


Since I can remember, I have been more “sensitive” than my peers for everything. I just could not eat or drink like they did or I would feel sick, puke, have stomach aches or headaches.  My skin reacted to stuff, I could not put cheap earrings, or my ears would scream at me.

Throughout my childhood, I suffered with “minor health” conditions that were just not debilitating enough to be addressed but that could have been prevented had I known then what I know now.  


I was hospitalized with meningitis at age 7 and was not until I got hepatitis at 10 that my mother figured out that a different approach might seem necessary and I started seeing a homeopath (I still consider her my life saver!). 

A change in perspective happened but still nobody addressed my diet or even my lifestyle. 


As a teenager, I came to NY as an exchange student and was introduced to the S.A.D diet. I have always been relatively skinny, but after 6 months eating as an American, I gained more pounds than I did on both my pregnancies. I had migraines on a weekly basis, constipation, absolutely no energy for anything, became slightly depressed. Still nothing really rang a bell… 


As a college student in Boston, I was introduced to caffeine and discovered that most of my smart Harvard friends were prescribed Adderall to help them cope with their school demands. Being a Boston University girl, I was spared the pressure, Phew, but I was starting to question the world around me.


Anyhow, in college my diet experimentation started. I became a pescatarian. I started connecting the dots that maybe what I ate could impact how I felt. Shocker! At that point it was mainly due to the fact that I was a terrible cook and cooking eggs, vegetables and pasta was way easier than searing meats…


Back in Brazil I become a vegan, migrated to raw foodist. My stamina tanked, I was cold all the time and decided that a bowl of warm soup could not be bad for me after all, back to vegetarian! As my hair fell out and my periods stopped, I decided to investigate further. Once again, I was going from doctors to doctors without answers. I was prescribed anti-depressants at age 18, and wisely opted to fire the family doctor instead of accepting his diagnosis. Fast forward 10 years and I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. The reason I am sharing all that is to assure you that I know how it feels to be dismissed and labeled. I refused to accept a diagnosis without a true answer about what could be causing it and what should be done about it. Now that I found my peace and at least a lay of the land on how to go about figuring out my own health, I want to help you do the same.


My yoga Teacher BKS Iyengar use to say “yoga cures what should not be endured, and help you endure what cannot be cured”.  


As a health coach and yoga and meditation teacher I take that approach very seriously. Yoga means a lifestyle, a way of living. Health means your entire being, your emotions, your relationships, your body and integrating all that is my life’s promise to you"